painting or procrastinating?

I spent my Sunday afternoon doing (what else?) arts and crafts projects.

Project A: I had some wallet sized photos of doors from my trip to Europe that were left over from a previous project.

I decided to put them to good use and spent the entire afternoon mod-podging and painting on blank notecards. I spent some time looking for quotes to put on the front, but didn’t find any that suited my fancy… it is good to have blank all-purpose notecards anyway. I made two sets, and I think they turned out nicely.

Project B: While visiting my grandma on Friday, I found a funny little dress that my mom had worn in the 60’s. The fabric was pretty, and as I had no idea how I wanted to decorate my bedroom in my new house, it became my inspiration piece. I took the dress, cut off the skirt, ripped most of the seams out, and repieced it together to make pillows for my bed. I got sheets and a duvet cover to coordinate. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

The question is: Why did I spend approximately 8 hours of one day working on largely unnecessary craft projects, when I have one million more pressing matters to accomplish before I move to Atlanta this coming Friday?

I think it has something to do with the way that crafting makes me feel focused and productive, yet allows me to procrastinate all the while. It’s laziness with a positive outcome. I still need to sort through and pack all of my belongings so that they are ready to load on the U-Haul in 4 days, but in the moment that I am painting or sewing (or knitting or collaging, etc) I go into a mode of creative concentration and forget the “all-important to-do list”. For a type A task-oriented person, this is often helpful and sometimes necessary.
Also in the spirit of procrastination, I have gotten to spend quality time with dear friends and family over the past few days. Nothing feels more normal than sitting at my kitchen table with my long-time friend Allison. While our lives are far from “normal” these days, we got to have an afternoon of normality, catching up on our summer adventures and upcoming journeys with a cup of coffee at my kitchen table. I am so grateful for her sweet friendship and proud of the good work she is doing with Teach for America! No to-do list is more important that a cup of coffee with a dear friend.
I will have to get serious about that list sooner or later…

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