besu hulu hone…

…all happened because of Him

These are the Amheric words on the bracelet made by my Ethiopian friend/little brother, Sami. He gave me the beaded bracelet last week at Selah Vie. Selah Vie was a retreat for Passport Camp summer staffers, Student.Go summer missionaries, and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s Collegiate Congregational Interns. About 150 young adults came together after a summer of ministry to share, reflect, worship, celebrate, and engage in theological conversations about the good work of God we got to join in this summer. We brought a wide range of experiences and perspectives from our summers, and it provided helpful space for processing my experience with Passport Kids.

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conversations on the language we speak

On Wednesday evening, while I was in Birmingham, I got to enjoy dinner with friends Celeste, Lauren, and Stephen. We sat outside, and Lauren and Stephen brought Scrabble and a dictionary. Playing the game sparked some thoughts about this book I’ve been reading. We had some interesting conversation that night and I’ve had interesting conversations in my mind since then.

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