befores and afters

I have moved to Georgia! In the couple of weeks leading up to the move, I spent time on frivolous projects and also on two essential pieces of furniture for my room in the new house in Hot-lanta. Here are some before and after pictures of my chest of drawers and desk…

Chest of drawers:

This resided in Ma’s upstairs storage room for years. Somewhere along the line, the original pulls on the bottom drawers were lost. It had been painted black and then sprayed a bad coat of gold over the years.


I cleaned out the dresser, sanded a bit, spray painted green, then took off some of the finish with sand paper to antique it. I also splurged on some drawer pulls at Anthropologie to mix in with the originals. I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

Now for the desk:


It was originally one part of a desk that had been broken apart and used for different purposes. This piece sat in my grandma’s basement for years. There were mouse remnants inside and a thick nasty coat of orange paint. The top of the piece has a pull-out writing desk that gave clues to a potentially beautiful oak grain underneath, so I decided to strip it instead of just painting over it.

Stripping is hard work! 😉


I painted the drawers the same green as the chest of drawers. On the left, I attached a piece of pine stained in a similar color and bought a turned table leg to support the other side of the desk. I painted it green as well.

Here are a couple of pictures of my room all put together so you can see the furniture in context…

The house in Decatur is already beginning to feel like home. The neighborhood is quiet, wooded, and HILLY. I’ve gotten out on my bike several times, and these hills are kickin’ my tush!

I’m excited for my roommates to join me in a week and a half and for the house to come together even more.

In the mean time, I am spending a couple of days in Birmingham visiting dear friends before we all start back to school, going to Selah Vie, trying to find a job, reading, and beginning to learn my way around the Emory area.

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