hello! long time no see

Ok ok, I know. I fail at blogging. At least for the past 7 weeks. But I’m back on the bandwagon now! I’m just going to highlight the big things that have kept me busy and kept me from blogging.

  1. School. And the immense amount of reading that accompanies school. I love my classes and what I’m learning: Old Testament, Thinking Through Theological Education, Concise Hebrew, Religious Education for Formation and Transformation, and… let’s not forget…
  2. Contextual Education. It is part of the Candler MDiv curriculum. I spend every Thursday evening from 5-9 at Hagar’s House, a homeless shelter for women with children, doing childcare, activities, and fellowship with the residents. My fellow classmates and I do our 4 hours a week there and meet for 1 hour each week to discuss our experiences and related theological themes. But the site work is the real learning experience. The face of homelessness has changed drastically for me as I have come to know these precious families over the past 6 weeks.

  3. Jobs. Yes, that is plural. I work at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in the Resource Center as a Congregational Formation Assistant to the Missional Formation Specialist, my friend Devita. She develops CBF’s missions education curriculum and resources and I get to help out with this process. I am also the youth minister at Peachtree Baptist Church. This has been wonderful! I love my new church family and my little youth group. All 6 or 7 of them are awesome. I am looking forward to our Lock-In in a couple of weeks! As great as my jobs are, I’m essentially doing 25 hours a week, and that is a lot of time. Work definitely regiments my schedule.

  4. Friends. I don’t have tons of them yet, but the community here is growing, and sometimes we have to put down our books and just have fun. I have also had a few dear friends come in to visit from my other worlds. Briana came in September and Ashley last weekend. Wonderful to see them!

  5. Sleep. Oh wait… not really.

So that’s life. It is busy! And it is good. I’m learning a lot. Here are some random pictures and captions of the past 2 months.


My littles were in town before the semester started and we went to the Braves game with a Samford group, for my first alumni event. (Lexie and Sarah)


The night we *almost* saw John Mayer for $15 at an impromptu show at Eddie’s Attic here in Decatur. It was sold out, but then it became Kate’s birthday at midnight! (Candler friends Josh, roommate Kate, and Kyle)

So thankful for her visit and our friendship and that someone from “there” got to share in my life “here”. (Bri Bri!)

My camera broke today… so pictures will be sparse. But I’m going to try to blog sooner than later!

1 thought on “hello! long time no see

  1. Mere- Can't wait to talk and hear about your work at Hagar's House and your new jobs.. and all other things about your life. Oh and I will be seeing you in less than one month. Love you.


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