Here are a few pictures from my glorious fall break in Kentucky. After our first Old Testament exam, we definitely needed the break! I completely forgot about all things school-related and went home to visit my parents. I have been lucky to take friends home with me for the past 4 fall breaks… no reason to stop the tradition in grad school! This year my roommate Kate came with me – it is always fun to share Lexington with friends. And I really don’t know a more beautiful place to experience the changing seasons than in Central Kentucky.

At the World Equestrian Games at the Horse Park in Lexington

View of the Kentucky River on our hike at Raven Run
On our way to the orchard, we stopped, backed up the car, and frolicked on this beautiful road. I know, we’re cool.


No fall break in KY is complete without a trip to the orchard… (tattoo=fake)

Such a restful, beautiful weekend.

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