recipe monday (3)

Ok… it’s Tuesday. But I had the pictures on my camera and ready to go yesterday and got caught up with a little project at the house. This post is a little different than the other recipe posts. Instead of sharing a recipe I found and tried, I’m going to post some pictures of the yummy food I *helped to* prepare at the Walker family’s house on Sunday.
I helped Robert, my friend and the pastor at Peachtree Baptist here in Atlanta where I minister. He is an amazing, creative, adventuresome cook. He invited me over on Sunday to “play” in the kitchen with all the “fun vegetables” he just bought. I mostly watched and took direction and fumbled around the kitchen. We had fun preparing this enormous meal for friends/church family with a little bit of help from everyone there. The best (scariest?) part is, no recipes! Robert is just that good- and I’m trying to learn a bit more about the intuition required for the art of cooking.

Feast your eyes on this!

bell peppers stuffed with portobello mushroom souffle (mushroom, milk, egg, cheese)

squash, tomato, and onion sauteed in olive oil with dill and salt

potatoes roasted with onion and rosemary

brussel sprouts and carrots steamed with honey

bruschetta on french bread

pork chops (thanks, but no thanks.)

baked apples with pure cane sugar, brown sugar, and some other yummy things for the pork chops (supposedly this is really delicious together)

the joke of the afternoon- black eyed pea hummus. made with some left over b.e.p.s, peanut butter (because we didn’t have tahini), olive oil, garlic, and lime juice (because we didn’t have lemon juice). put it all in the food processor and… yuck. actually, it wasn’t bad. it just tasted like black eyed peas. we tasted it, then tossed it.

not your average chocolate fondue. i’ve got to get the list of what went into this, but it included red pepper. delicious! we dipped pineapple, bananas, angel food cake, and canteloupe.

Chef Robert- the visionary.

We truly ate a feast, as you can see. We’re thinking we’ve started a new tradition.

“The cardinal sin is to run out of food” -Robert.

1 thought on “recipe monday (3)

  1. Wow, all of this food looks amazing, glad you had fun preparing it!

    BTW, my name is juan and I'm from California. just out looking for new blog friends, please feel free to check out my blog and comment on stuff, i'll do the same. God Bless!


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