recipe (7)

Today we had a big Old Testament midterm exam. The past few days feel like a blur of little sleep and prophets and psalms. Crazy how it takes over life. Want to know about lament in the life of Israel? I can tell ya. But I won’t… I’m tired of thinking about it for today. Want to know how many days since my last shower? I won’t tell ya that either!
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embracing simplicity

Let me start by saying that, on most days, my life feels anything but simple. I do a lot of juggling of responsibilities and priorities in my schedule.

There are those things I’m bound to do – work for Candler, work for church, work for CBF… there goes 40 hours of my week (which doesn’t include the time I spend doing homework).
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patrick’s visit & recipe monday (5)

Check out my brother’s blog for an account of his experience with Monday night cooking at my house last night. He was in town visiting this Saturday through Tuesday. We got to enjoy lots of good restaurants, including The Flying Biscuit, Red Mango, The Brickstore, Meltons App & Tap, and The Nook… with lots of good friends. We went on Sunday to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market and got lots of fresh food to make our dinner last night. Patrick loved the experience, and the meal was great!

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