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Today we had a big Old Testament midterm exam. The past few days feel like a blur of little sleep and prophets and psalms. Crazy how it takes over life. Want to know about lament in the life of Israel? I can tell ya. But I won’t… I’m tired of thinking about it for today. Want to know how many days since my last shower? I won’t tell ya that either!

I guess I should give up on assigning a day of the week to my recipe posts. This week it falls on a Tuesday! After the longest day ever (up and going from about 6:30AM-6:30PM) I came back home and made Taziki’s Friday Special to share with my girlfriends. We were celebrating Sara and Mary’s birthdays.

I tried to recreate my Birmingham favorite. I topped romaine lettuce with penne pasta coated in balsalmic dressing, some diced tomato, lots of feta cheese, and shredded fresh basil. Of course, this was the no chicken version. I served little wedges of pita bread on the side with hummus as well. It was a hit and so very simple and delicious! Kate also got a spinach-parmesean foccacia bread, which was amazing. I’d love for all these girlfriends to road trip with me to B’ham to try the real Taziki’s special someday.

Caroline brought sweets from Alon’s Bakery – an incredible European-style bakery and market here in Atlanta. I’m going to have to go for myself next time to see all they have! She got cookies and tiramisu and chocolate mousse cake and this rich melty chocolate cake brownie thing. We put a little birthday candle in the middle of the smorgasboard of desserts for Sara and Mary to blow out and then split them all between the 5 of us. They were all unbelievable!

After lots of eating and talking and laughing and music, we (finally) started the movie – Paper Hearts. So cute… although I missed the end. I was snoozing… I am my mother!

Tonight feels like Friday. I know it is not. I need to go to bed. Happy birthday (almost) to Sara and (belated) to Mary! Glad we got to celebrate you two tonight!

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  1. Sad that I missed this Taziki's look a like dinner, wanna come to Richmond and make it? Love you, hope your test went well and that you are getting some rest!!!


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