spring break with recipe (8)

This post is a little bit of everything… recipes, pictures, stories, and reflections.

Its Spring Break! (well, was Spring Break… basically over.)

The break brought… lots of work. But after working the first half, I did get to go home to Lexington from Thursday to Saturday to see family/friends and to eat and to play the Wii. Yes, that is what my time at home consisted of, and I am definitely not complaining. It was a relaxing trip.

On Friday night, we made a dinner of new recipes Mom and I had our eyes on: Winter Lentil Soup from Real Simple and a Quinoa Risotto from Prevention. Funny thing… I picked out the soup, and Mom made it. Mom picked out the risotto, and I made it. Cousin Melissa and her little guy came over to eat with us. We had too much fun!

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