things i’ve learned in seminary (pt. 1)

Long time no post. Things have been pretty intense with this week being finals/papers-due week. The to-do list is wrapping up nicely, but I’m in for a long couple of days leading up to my one (and only) exam on Friday. That means that I am finished with my first year of grad school in 2 days!

I originally planned that this blog would be about ordinary life – the things I do and learn – but I realize that I mostly blog about crafts and food, and less about thoughts. I don’t have any recipes to post today, because I’ve been living on toast, spinach salad, m&ms and coffee. So… because the semester is coming to an end, and school-work is on my mind, I thought I’d share a little bit about what I’ve been thinking/writing/learning lately. This will be the first in a series of maybe 3-4 posts on “Things I’ve Learned in Seminary.” 🙂

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baseball, blooms, & getting back in the saddle!

It feels like spring in Atlanta! Or maybe summer… This weekend was warm and wonderful! And nothing says spring like baseball. On Friday, I went with a group of friends (a big crew from McAfee) to the Braves opening game. It was a lot of fun, although I did almost fall asleep somewhere around the 5th inning… it was a long day! The Braves beat the Phillies 6-3 and the fireworks afterward were.. a bang!

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girls reunion and craft project

The girls came to visit this weekend! I have known Lauren since preschool, Allison since 4th grade, and Kellye since 6th. The four of us have been best friends since sophomore year in high school. We all went to different colleges and have moved in different directions since then… Kellye is married, lives in SC, teaches high school band, and has a baby boy on the way. Lauren in married, lives in KY, and works with kindergartners. Allison is doing Teach for America in Indianapolis. Here I am in Georgia. Needless to say, coordinating our schedules to be all together in the same city at the same time is a challenge.

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