baseball, blooms, & getting back in the saddle!

It feels like spring in Atlanta! Or maybe summer… This weekend was warm and wonderful! And nothing says spring like baseball. On Friday, I went with a group of friends (a big crew from McAfee) to the Braves opening game. It was a lot of fun, although I did almost fall asleep somewhere around the 5th inning… it was a long day! The Braves beat the Phillies 6-3 and the fireworks afterward were.. a bang!

Being the baseball fanatic I am, (cue laughter) I also went to the game this afternoon! Kate asked if I wanted to go with her, Josh, and Manuel as a treat for my birthday. I couldn’t turn that down! Manuel is on exchange from a theology school in Germany, so it was his first baseball game ever. Cool! The baseball was not as exciting today. 2-0, Phillies. The company, however, was superb. There was a free Avett Brothers concert after the game, so we moved around to a better view and got to watch these guys play for an hour. Guess my next purchase on iTunes?

Another sure sign of spring – the flowers are gor.geous. Here are some shots from my back yard. This is why spring is my favorite!

Also this weekend, I rode my bike on Saturday. I hadn’t ridden since the weather got chilly in the late fall, and it was time. Saturday evening around 7 PM, I pumped up my tires, strapped on my helmet, rode ten minutes down my street and back, walked in the front door, and laid myself down on the floor by the toilet because (and I’m embarrassed to say…) I thought I was going to puke. It was hot, I’d just eaten a plate of pasta, and the hills in my neighborhood are killer. Once I caught my breath and realized I was going to keep my dinner, I got back on my bike, rode down my street in the other direction, and went up and down the path and around the park. I was feeling good, until I rode back up the hill to my house, where I ended up prompty back on the bathroom floor. Still didn’t lose my dinner, but…. The moral of the story: let your food settle before you cycle and take it easy on the hills, especially when you haven’t biked for 5 months! Here I am pre-pukey ride.

I guess its never too late to get back in the saddle, even if you have to get off for a few minutes to lie on the ground… as long as you get back on and ride some more. Ha! Happy springtime!

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