fun with flags

A fun little project for Saturday… I’ve seen lots of people making garlands with fabric flags in magazines and on blogs, etc. A friend made a strand with paper and I told her I planned on copying her idea. I made 24 triangles, using decorative paper from the craft store – some patterned, some solid – and clipped them with mini wooden clothespins to hemp twine. Then hung the garland across one wall.

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namaste, etc.

For my 23rd birthday, two of my friends from Candler chipped in on a Groupon for me for 1 month of unlimited yoga classes at a studio here in Decatur. Best gift ever! Let me tell you how hard it has been to have this since April and not use it! However, since the end of the school year around May 1, I have not been in town for 4 consecutive weeks to take full advantage of the deal.(Here’s where I catch you up on my summer…)After Japan, I was home for a week, then went to Wingate, NC for 2 days to train the Bible Study Leaders for the PASSPORTkids! teams this summer. I was back in Atlanta for a week before leaving to go be a Bible Study Leader on the PASSPORTkids! East Team in Lynchburg, VA. They had a big session of camp and needed an extra leader, so I was glad to go work a week! After camp, I flew to Tampa, FL to work at the CBF General Assembly. I was there for nearly a week, then flew back to Atlanta. That was June 25. I went home for the July 4th holiday and stayed for 4 days in KY. I got to meet baby Ruby!

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i went to japan

By much popular demand from all 4 of my avid blog readers… I’m back! I know, its been too long. Instead of offering an explanation, I’m just going to pick right back up where I left off – in May… which leads me to Japan!

The problem with writing about my trip to the Land of the Rising Sun is knowing where to begin. Should I go chronological? Topical? Top 10 list? …How about a little of each?

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