namaste, etc.

For my 23rd birthday, two of my friends from Candler chipped in on a Groupon for me for 1 month of unlimited yoga classes at a studio here in Decatur. Best gift ever! Let me tell you how hard it has been to have this since April and not use it! However, since the end of the school year around May 1, I have not been in town for 4 consecutive weeks to take full advantage of the deal.(Here’s where I catch you up on my summer…)After Japan, I was home for a week, then went to Wingate, NC for 2 days to train the Bible Study Leaders for the PASSPORTkids! teams this summer. I was back in Atlanta for a week before leaving to go be a Bible Study Leader on the PASSPORTkids! East Team in Lynchburg, VA. They had a big session of camp and needed an extra leader, so I was glad to go work a week! After camp, I flew to Tampa, FL to work at the CBF General Assembly. I was there for nearly a week, then flew back to Atlanta. That was June 25. I went home for the July 4th holiday and stayed for 4 days in KY. I got to meet baby Ruby!

Then that weekend, I went to Birmingham. My ZTA big sis Jessie was visiting from Winston-Salem, and it also happened to be the weekend after my college roomie Briana got engaged. Lauren is back from Arizona, and Celeste graciously offered her place for our gathering. So good to have a sleepover and Saturday together with my dearest friends from college!

After just one more week in Atlanta, I left July 17 to take my youth to PASSPORTmissions camp in Macon, GA. We were there til last Friday. Syndey and me waiting for Opening Celebration:

Its been a really great and busy summer, filled with plane rides and road trips, old friends and new friends and family. I am finally home with no travel plans in the foreseeable future and able to use my yoga Groupon over the next four weeks.

Tonight was my first visit to Ashram Wellness in the Oakhurst neighborhood. They have a good variety of classes… an opportunity to expand and deepen my practice. My first class went well – and I’m reminded how much my body loves yoga. This is just what I need to wrap up an eventful summer! Namaste!

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