making the most

Well, I only have 10 days left of summer holiday, and I’m making the most out of those 10 days by doing things I won’t get to do when school begins. So, I’m working lots of hours in the office, watching movies (Bye Bye Birdie is on now), organizing the drawers in my kitchen, running errands, still going to yoga, taking lots of neighborhood strolls, spending time with friends that doesn’t involve studying, and doing some decorating projects in the house. I’m also planning to read one more “just for fun” book in the next week. It will likely be the last time I read a book not assigned to me on a syllabus, so I’ve got to choose wisely!
Here are photos of two projects I worked on this weekend. A new wreath for the door:

Cheap project! The wreath was on sale for $4.99 and I bought the 4 stems on clearance for $1.98 each.

And a little cabinet. I’ve been wanting one for the spot right inside my front door the whole year that I’ve lived here. Hopefully it, instead of the kitchen table, will catch our mail and keys and sunglasses. I bought the cabinet in the below state at an antique store in Tucker for $22.


I sanded the white paint, bought a quart of glossy paint (the color is called “coriander seed”), and also got new knobs to jazz up the doors.


I think its perfect for the little space of wall that I needed to fill. Hopefully it will serve its purpose as clutter-catcher!

Here’s to enjoying the rest of summer!

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