a new art form

Actually, its an age-old art form… Something many of us did in preschool… leaf printing! In fresh form. I gathered leaves from my yard, painted the backs of the leaves, and then printed them on the front sides of cardboard rectangles cut out of cereal boxes that I painted over. I coated them in mod podge. Then, I sent them as postcards. I did this several weeks ago, but wanted to wait to show them on my blog until the recipients of the postcards received them.

This was a lot of fun! I played around with the best way to do it – first I put paint on a plate, swirled it around a bit, dipped the leaf, and then printed. Then I tried using a paint brush to paint the backs of the leaves instead of dipping. I think I liked the first method best, but you do have to press all over the leaf for it to pick up enough paint.

Here are some of the results:

The first two are practice rounds on an envelope and the bottom two are the postcards I sent in the mail.
So, this is a grown-up take on a fun kids craft – Happy fall, y’all!

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