just a few things

My camera died before I snapped any pictures of the holiday, so I’m sharing these from my mom. Here are just a few things I’m thankful for…
Babies! I had so much fun seeing the babies (of my cousins and friends) this Thanksgiving holiday. We all get together far too seldom and children grow too fast!

magna-doodling with two little ones
She might be the cutest, chunkiest 7-month-old that exists.
What a smile! Sadly, I didn’t end up with a picture of her little brother to round-out the collection.

Food! I didn’t eat any of the three dishes in the foreground of the picture below – but sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, cranberries, corn, green beans, bread, spinach casserole – oh my! Not to mention dessert…


Our pretty table-scape

Thanksgiving for many is an excuse to over-eat, to feast. (And feast, we did.) But I think more significant for me is the chance to “feast” on time with the people I love – lingering at the table after dinner with family, delighting in a longer-than-usual skype conversation with my brother in Japan, being gratefully reunited with far-flung friends in our hometown… These are the guilt-free indulgences that fill us in a way that turkey and pie simply do not.

May we all continue to be thankful beyond Turkey Day. May we find daily opportunitites to dwell with satisfaction and delight on the simple joys of life.

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