another new year

Well, here we are. January 2011 2012. (Still getting used to it.) Another holiday season has come and gone. Another year has passed. I had a wonderful Christmas in Kentucky, filled with the usual traditions…

Some old:
bowling with the cousins every Christmas Eve for about 20 years

And some new:

our 3rd annual cousins reunion in Louisville after Christmas
I certainly missed brother Patrick this year! (See his account of Christmas in Japan.)
Toward the end of my time in Kentucky, I started coughing and coughing. Then the fever hit. On New Year’s Eve, I drove back to Atlanta feeling pretty miserable. I spent my NYE in bed, asleep by 10:30.
I spent Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday blowing my nose, coughing up mucus (yuck), having a fever, etc. I left work early on Tuesday to go to the doctor. Bronchitis it is. After a steroid, a breathing treatment, cough syrup for night time, two days of antibiotics, and taking Wednesday off, I’m starting to feel better. Still coughing, though. A lot. I sound like a frog.
I detail these mundane sick days with aims of boring you, the reader, perhaps eliciting some pity, and also simply complaining… that it has been a less-than-stellar start to 2012.
I had high hopes for this first week back: starting a workout regimen, getting organized for the start of the semester, working lots of hours, etc. None of these things has happened.
I might come up with some resolutions next week (but after all the “new year” is only “new” for so long…)
What inspiring things are you all doing in 2012? Any resolutions? Goals? Big plans? I’d love to hear about them.
I hope to soon have some uplifting, heartwarming, informative, and/or thought-provoking blog content. For now though, please pity me and my bronchi.

3 thoughts on “another new year

  1. complain on girlfriend! it always makes a sick person feel better. and i have that you feel bad! i hate that i didn't get to see you due to you feeling bad. so boo your sickness and i hope you feel back to your wonderful self soon! love you!


  2. I'm not much for making NYR's, but I am going to try to keep fresh flowers around more often. I enjoyed having the arrangements that I made for the Christmas party we hosted and I think it is a hobby I could develop. I'm hoping your cough is better soon! Love you!


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