well hey, march!

Wow! The end of February flew by me! Part of this is because I spent the past two weekends traveling…

First to Birmingham to be in the wedding of my best friend/roomie from college, Briana Gray (now Remkus!) 
SB 08!

Congrats Briana and Wesley! Their wedding weekend was so full of joy. Briana has the biggest, happiest, most loving family, and she was the best bride! She was easy-going and calm (to be expected) and also did a lot to make the weekend special for all of us who were involved. Their rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and reception were all beautiful. Wesley is a lucky fella to get to walk alongside Briana for all of life. I’m blessed to call these two my friends.

Briana, Wesley, and me at the reception
My parents came down for the wedding and I got to see other dear friends, so it was a great weekend with so many I love. 
Cute parents – those Alabamans liked Dad’s bow tie!
Last weekend I traveled to preach at my home church, Calvary Baptist in Lexington, KY. February is Baptist Women in Ministry’s Martha Stearns Marshall Month of Preaching, when Baptist churches are encouraged to invite women to fill the pulpit. 
Thanks Dr. Bob for the invitation!
This experience of preaching in my home church was wonderfully challenging and affirming. It is kind of hard to go home… (You know the trick for public speaking, to picture the audience naked? Well, some of those folks there changed my diapers, so the tables are turned. Ha!) I so appreciate this church family, where I was born, raised, nurtured in the faith, and first felt called to ministry. My, how far I’ve come! But it sure was good to go back. I received so many words of encouragement before and after that Sunday. I’m thankful that Calvary is a place that affirms God’s calling for women and men to serve, preach, and minister. 
After being gone the past two weekends, it feels a bit odd to be in Atlanta today. In the midst of all this traveling, I had too many papers and a midterm exam, along with the usual reading/work-load of school. It was a crazy couple of weeks to say the least, but this weekend I have only one big assignment for next week to focus on… writing a sermon. Bliss! Spring Break is the week after next. The angels are singing! 

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