for my mom

In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, here are some reasons that I am thankful for my mom…

Mom and me, sweating at Stone Mountain in Georgia

Sue Shaw is just so good-natured, “even keeled,” you could say. She was never pushy or nagging when we were kids. She isn’t dramatic.

She takes things in stride (including our teasing), and maintains composure and patience. This is a wonderful trait that could go under-appreciated… and I am infinitely grateful for it! I hope to have half her patience and level-headedness someday when I have kids.

And while she is certainly not overly-dramatic, she has such a tender heart. She has compassion and is sensitive to others. She’s unafraid to be moved – to shed a tear – at happy or sad times. I think she’s been a great example of how to feel.   

My mom is also a great listener. I can call her to tell her about anything (…the paper I wrote, the test I took, the meeting I sat in, the boy I met, the frustration I felt, the meal I cooked, the clothes I bought, the conversation I had, the decision I made…) Its kind of like therapy… maybe you should charge, Mom? 😉 She’s been a great listening ear as I’ve “unloaded” about big decisions and inconsequential details alike, and I am really grateful for this. Mom – thanks for your patient, non-judgmental listening. 

In the past years, I have moved away to college, backpacked in Europe, gone to grad school in another city far from home, traveled to Japan, and am studying abroad for a year… these are some of the decisions I’ve made that have taken her “baby” very far away. She just lets me go! My parents have let me chase dreams and have been supportive. Mom – thanks for putting up with my (and Patrick’s) wanderlust. Thanks for letting me be the person I am becoming.

My mom always said, “pretty is as pretty does” – reminding me that integrity, kindness, care – these things are most important. She is pretty-as-can-be, inside and out! She’s smart, generous, affectionate, thoughtful, spiritual, fun-loving, a good cook…  For all the above reasons and more, I’m grateful that she is my mom and my friend.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom and me at ANOTHER mommy’s wedding 2 years ago.
Shout out to my bff Lauren on her first Mother’s Day  🙂

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