green & delicious

I am on a health kick! Hopefully just in time to be svelte for Europe (I’m only kinda kidding), Mom and I are doing a get-toned-in-14-days exercise routine from a magazine. Along with working out 6 days a week, I am trying to make some healthier eating choices. Lest you think I’m being extreme, I have had cake and ice cream this week, but I’m eating less dairy in general and lots of fruits and vegetables! (Thankfully the parents are members of a CSA, which means we have all kinds of fresh local produce on hand.)

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summer report

A little update for my first post back on the blog. Since I last posted, I moved out of my house in Atlanta, said goodbye to friends and church family there, brought my things to Kentucky, got ready to go work a summer of camp, worked a summer of camp (more on that below), returned back to Kentucky, attended an end-of-summer retreat in Alabama, drove over to Georgia to visit friends there, came back to Kentucky… and am now seeing friends and family and preparing for the move to Germany. I leave in 18 days!

It was an awesome summer with PASSPORTkids! camp.

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