lessons in asking for help

Here in Germany, I’ve discovered that I don’t always like asking for help. Not because I have a pride issue… No, I sometimes just don’t know exactly how to phrase what I need. Stumbling through a request while relying on hand gestures inevitably leads to an apology that my German isn’t better… and I’ve betrayed my foreignness. So maybe it does have to do with pride. Anyway, I have a story to illustrate.

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erntedankfest and the gift of faith

It is certainly Fall here! This past Sunday in Germany was Erntedankfest – a holiday akin in sentiment to American Thanksgiving – a day to give thanks for the fruits of the earth and God’s gifts to us all (but typically not celebrated by overeating). This evening at the Collegium Oecumenicum (COe), members of our community gathered along with residents of the Hailpädogogisches Centrum Augustinum (HPCA), with whom we share a campus. The COe is our community of students, both German and international, united in our love of Christ. The HPCA is a community of adults with mental and physical disabilities and their helpers who live together in a therapeutic environment. These two groups came together to celebrate Erntedankfest in worship.

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sailing on the nieuw amsterdam

One of the first things I did after arriving in Europe (actually five days after my arrival), was to pack up and fly to Barcelona to board Holland America’s cruise ship, the Nieuw Amsterdam. This is where my brother works! His performing contract began this past May and lasts through next April. Currently, they are sailing through the Mediterranean, and around the end of October, they will cross over to the Caribbean for the winter and spring. Tough life, eh?

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guten tag!

Neue Rathaus – or “Town Hall” in the Munich city center

Since I connect with most readers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or Skype & E-mail as well, you will know by now that I moved to Germany in early September! I am studying theology at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich as an exchange student for one year. I’ll return back to Candler School of Theology next fall to finish my MDiv. You can keep up with my experiences here, as I plan to blog frequently.

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