all is calm, all is bright

The Christmas activity has ceased at the Collegium Oecumenicum and most students are still at home, so things are very quiet here on this 3rd day of Christmas.

The past week was filled with busy preparations and celebrations. I bought gifts, made cards, and spent hours baking goodies leading up to Christmas Eve.

Christmas cookies and biscotti

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snow experiences

Growing up in Kentucky, we had enough snowfall each year that snow is not really a novelty for me as it is for folks from the Deep South. So when the first snow fell here in Munich at the end of October, I was less than amused. Alabamans would have been giddy. I was slightly annoyed. “We’re in for a long winter,” I thought.

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sights of the last few weeks

I really can’t believe how long I have waited to post on my blog! Somehow, things got busy. I will take time to write a little more in the near future, but I want to just share some photos from the last few weeks for now.

The last time I posted, I documented St. Martin’s Day (the 11th of November). That night was cold and misty – like most days in Munich this month. However, I was lucky enough to head to the mountains a couple of hours outside the city with some friends, where we found sunshine and (relative) warmth on November 21!

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