snow experiences

Growing up in Kentucky, we had enough snowfall each year that snow is not really a novelty for me as it is for folks from the Deep South. So when the first snow fell here in Munich at the end of October, I was less than amused. Alabamans would have been giddy. I was slightly annoyed. “We’re in for a long winter,” I thought.

But the snow stayed away for the next month and didn’t really return in great force until this past week. Since we are nearing Christmas, the wintery weather was a cozy addition to the craft projects and hot beverages of the season.

Snow at the Collegium Oecumenicum

As soon as the snow began to fall, the winter crew went to work in Munich, scraping the streets and spreading salt. The snow keeps falling, and they keep scraping. There is no shortage of bread and milk at Aldi; children (and university students) must still go to school; people put winter tires on their automobiles; they layer up and go jogging in sub-freezing temperatures. Life goes on. Rightly so in a city that has snow on the ground three months out of the year.

I chuckle now as I remember the “Snowpocalypse” (of just a few inches) that befell Atlanta in 2011. The icy roads were treacherous. Schools were closed for an entire week. Cars were plowed into buildings by asinine drivers.

I can poke fun at Southerners in snow… but there is something nice about being thrust into a mandatory sabbath by even the lightest snow dusting back home. The daily rush is halted, the noise is muffled. A whole day – in which one absolutely must stay inside and drink tea and wear one’s pajamas from sun-up to sun-down – is one of life’s greatest joys. The joy of doing nothing.

I’m not sure what it takes to force a whole city into blessed rest on a weekday here in Germany (when it isn’t a holiday), but snow sure doesn’t do it. I’ve got no choice but to pull on my boots, zip up my coat, don a goofy hat, and slip and slide my way around town each day.

I’ll take it for views like these:

View of the Monopteros in the Englisher Garten
Dianatempel in Hofgarten


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