patrick and prague

My favorite person (brother Patrick) came to visit me in Germany for about 10 days in May. Just after he arrived, we went to Prague for a long weekend. It is a 5 hour bus trip to Prague from Munich (quicker that you can get there on a train) and the fare was just about 50 EU. For those folks reading from southern Germany – I’d recommend the weekend trip! This post is mostly just snapshots of our time there.

We started our weekend with two days of sight seeing in Prague – in the Old Town and Prague Castle.

rainy days in Prague – Patrick with the Charles Bridge behind him
siblings from the top of the town hall tower with the Old Town square in the background
umbrellas from the tower – all the people were gathered to watch the clock chime
the opera house where Mozart premiered Don Giovanni
cathedral on the hill with Prague Castle
view of New Town from the castle
After two drizzly days in Prague, we took a short regional train ride out to Kutna Hora, a small medieval town with some sights really worth seeing. There was a marathon scheduled in Prague that was going to interrupt travel there, so we took the chance to avoid that crowd and get out of the city to enjoy the sunshine!
the old Cistercian monastery cathedral 
The main sight to see in Kutna Hora is the Ossuary – or the “bone chapel.”
Back in the middle ages, someone came and sprinkled dirt from Golgotha on the ground here, and since then, it became a popular place for burial. After plagues and wars, it became pretty full – a mass grave site. In the 1800s, an artist was employed by the family who owned the Ossuary to artistically arrange the bones of over 40,000 people. The result is creepy, but at the same time, kind of cool. The chandelier in the middle of the little chapel contains at least one of every bone in the human body.
St. Barbara’s Cathedral was begun in the 14th C, but not finished until the early 1900s.
So, it is a relatively new construction, as far as cathedrals go, that contains a lot of art from across the cenuries. It is probably one of my favorite cathedrals I’ve visited in Europe.
really old frescoes inside St. Barbara’s
20th C stained glass
another view of St. Barbara’s

After our day trip to Kutna Hora, we traveled back to Prague and I caught some photos of the city under blue skies.

In the town square, where every building is beautiful! We went to the Mucha and Dali art exhibitions (see bottom left corner) – one of my favorite things we did while in Prague. The Mucha collection gave us a taste of Bohemian art and history.
the town hall

the astronomical clock tower
And on our last evening in Prague, we were lucky to have THIS view from the Charles Bridge.

I unfortunately didn’t take photos of what we did in Germany while Patrick was here. He took some trips on the days that I had class at the university, and I also got to show him some of my “everyday” life in Munich. I’m so glad he came to see me!

Patrick, ready to head off on his next adventure, destination: Japan

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