the garnetts visit germany

Towards the end of May, two GREAT people came to Munich. Jessie and Andrew, friends from Samford (Jessie was my sorority “big”… and just a dear friend in general), have just moved to Northern Ireland for a job. On their way to N. Ireland, they stopped in Munich. They did a few things on their own while I was in class, including a trip to the concentration camp in Flossenbürg and to the city of Regensburg. We also spent time together eating out, cooking, seeing the city, playing games, and riding bikes.
bike trip in the English Garden

always fun to see these living lawn mowers in the English Garden

In general, living in Munich, I don’t often “play the tourist,” since I’m settled into an everyday pattern. One thing I like about having visitors is that they have unique interests, which leads me to see different things while they are here. Andrew was a classics major in college, so there were a few museums he wanted to visit that I didn’t even know about! It was fun to visit “new” places while Jessie and Andrew were here.

my first time to the Glyptothek – an exhibit of Roman and Greek statuary

also my first time at the Residence – where the kings of Bavaria used to live
the Residence is HUGE (largest palace in all of Europe, I do believe) and SO ornate!

Andrew was (in his own words) “paranoid” about being too burdensome on my schedule while they visited, which made for a pretty low-key visit from my side. They were a pleasure to host! It is also just really refreshing to see great folks from home. Thanks for coming, Jessie and Andrew!

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