the bavarian forest

Last week was the first official week of the break. I was relieved to finish all my tests and looking forward to a little trip to the Bayerischer Wald – or Bavarian Forest – which lies in the east of Germany near the Czech Republic. It is a really beautiful area!

We took a long hike that we seriously underestimated (everything looks flatter on a map)! Our 15k hike took about 4 1/2 hours – and we only brought one bottle of water with us – but we had some spectacular views of the area.

I may look happy, but I’m about to DIE at the time this picture was taken!
one last photo pause before the home stretch

The nearest town was Regen. It wasn’t anything too special to see, but was a nice small town. We spent an afternoon there, complete with ice cream on the River Regen.

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