thoughts on education and culture

The start of a new semester (my LAST semester!) has me a little bit grumpy already and making major comparisons between my last year in Germany and my experience here, so I’m sharing a bit on the blog today.

This is what my weekend looks like.

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frequently asked questions

I get asked the following questions a lot lately…

Q: How did Julius get to come for such a long visit?

A: Julius is studying to be a secondary school (Gymnasium) teacher. He has two subjects – math and religion. At the end of about 6 years of theoretical training, he has comprehensive exams that cover all he’s learned in both of these subjects. The exams last all spring, and in the past winter semester, he has been preparing for them. So, he’s been able to study here in Atlanta while with me. Hopefully, if all goes well with these ridiculously hard exams…

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I always feel the need to write an apology and explanation whenever I have a long absence from blogging. If you read my last post, you’ll see that this semester was about readjusting to school life in the USA… but in mid-November, it also became about balancing school, work, and my visitor from Germany! There just wasn’t any room on the full plate for blogging.

Here are some sights of what we have done over the past seven weeks…

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