time really does fly when you’re…

In my last post, as the end of my last semester was weighing down on me, I shared about some of the things that were on the horizon back then. It was crazy! There at the end, within a 3 day time frame, I graduated, moved, packed and then left for Germany. That will make time fly!
With my family at graduation

I had planned this trip to Germany back when Julius was here in the winter. I think one of the most important things for making this long-distance relationship doable has been this: we know when we are going to see each other again. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if I’d left Germany in summer 2013 not knowing when we’d be together again! So, before he left the USA in January, I had booked my flight to Germany. I spent 2 and a half glorious weeks there!

On my first full day in Munich, we went into the city to battle the jet lag (sunshine and fresh air help with that!)

At Viktualienmarkt

The whole time I was in Germany, Julius was having to prepare for exams. He took three oral exams during those 2 1/2 weeks. (He only has one left until he’s finished! Yay!) After several days in Munich, we left for Berlin. Julius has a lot of extended family there. I had been to Germany’s capital city several times for tourism and meetings, so this time, in addition to seeing the main attraction (family members), we also made our way off of the “beaten path” to see some less-common sites in Berlin

Great picnic day at Wansee 
Exploring Berlin’s Nikolaiviertel
After several days in Berlin, we made our way over to Kassel, where an uncle of Julius lives. There we did less rushing around and more relaxing. One day, we took a long hike and ended with a great dinner at the Sleeping Beauty castle, Schloss Sababurg.
On the hike 
Outside Schloss Sababurg after dinner with his uncle’s fun car

After a week away, it was back to Munich for more studying for Julius and more times with friends and family there. We visited a palace I hadn’t been to before near Munich, Schloss Schleissheim, with the Bowden gals (all 3 of them!). We also spent fun evenings playing games, watching movies, cooking and eating with friends. We took walks/jogs along the river, cycled through the city and just generally enjoyed time doing things I love in Munich.

Sweet friends at Schloss Schleissheim
Julius inside the palace
Us in the gardens
Time also flies when you take a few days to get over jet lag, travel in three cities across the country and spend time with folks you haven’t seen for months. After two and a half unbelievably fast weeks, it was time to head home and back to the “real world” – work and getting settled into the summer apartment in Atlanta.
You know when else time flies? When you have lots of wedding planning to do and just two more months. This will keep me busy!

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