spring break with recipe (8)

This post is a little bit of everything… recipes, pictures, stories, and reflections.

Its Spring Break! (well, was Spring Break… basically over.)

The break brought… lots of work. But after working the first half, I did get to go home to Lexington from Thursday to Saturday to see family/friends and to eat and to play the Wii. Yes, that is what my time at home consisted of, and I am definitely not complaining. It was a relaxing trip.

On Friday night, we made a dinner of new recipes Mom and I had our eyes on: Winter Lentil Soup from Real Simple and a Quinoa Risotto from Prevention. Funny thing… I picked out the soup, and Mom made it. Mom picked out the risotto, and I made it. Cousin Melissa and her little guy came over to eat with us. We had too much fun!

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patrick’s visit & recipe monday (5)

Check out my brother’s blog for an account of his experience with Monday night cooking at my house last night. He was in town visiting this Saturday through Tuesday. We got to enjoy lots of good restaurants, including The Flying Biscuit, Red Mango, The Brickstore, Meltons App & Tap, and The Nook… with lots of good friends. We went on Sunday to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market and got lots of fresh food to make our dinner last night. Patrick loved the experience, and the meal was great!

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"a thing of beauty is a joy forever"

Who said decorating has to be expensive? The wall above my desk was bare, and I decided to fill it with something. I finally got it all up today! Read to the end to find out how much I spent…

Here is the end result followed by some closer shots:

Confession: I cleaned lots of books off my desk before I took this picture.

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Here are a few pictures from my glorious fall break in Kentucky. After our first Old Testament exam, we definitely needed the break! I completely forgot about all things school-related and went home to visit my parents. I have been lucky to take friends home with me for the past 4 fall breaks… no reason to stop the tradition in grad school! This year my roommate Kate came with me – it is always fun to share Lexington with friends. And I really don’t know a more beautiful place to experience the changing seasons than in Central Kentucky.

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