thoughts on education and culture

The start of a new semester (my LAST semester!) has me a little bit grumpy already and making major comparisons between my last year in Germany and my experience here, so I’m sharing a bit on the blog today.

This is what my weekend looks like.

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two months

That’s how long I’ve been back in the USA. Two months! On one hand, the time is flying by – I can’t believe it has been two months already! On the other hand, time is creeping along… there is still more than one month until a special someone comes to visit! Time is always funny like that.

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end already? ekd stipend program closing seminar

The Lutheran Church of Germany gave me an incredible gift – a stipend that made it possible for me to study in Germany this year! They, along with the Lutheran World Federation and the World Council of Churches, provide stipends for students from around the world to come study theology (and other subjects) and to gain ecumenical experience in Germany.

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time is flying

The old cliche stands true – time does fly when you’re having fun. It is hard to believe that I have already had 4 weeks of classes, and that tomorrow marks my 2 month-iversary since coming to Germany. Rather than writing something profound today (because, you know, I’m regularly profound), I thought I’d just take the time to write a plain life update here.

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the countdown is on!

What am I doing between now and Germany?

Tomorrow, I drive to Louisville to fly to Atlanta to drive to Alabama to see two friends get married on Saturday (that really does amount to less travel time than if I drove straight there). I’m really excited to celebrate the matrimony of Caitlin and Garrett on one last whirlwind trip to the Deep South. Saturday night I drive back to Atlanta to sleep, then fly back to Louisville and drive back to Lexington Sunday… to have about 24 hours before I go to LEX to fly to Munich, by way of Charlotte and Frankfurt. Crazy much?

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the post i’ve wanted to write

Well, it’s official, and I want to share with the blogosphere. Most of you already know this… but I’m moving to Germany in the fall to study in Munich as an exchange student from Candler. I wanted to firm up some details before I wrote about this, and also for it to feel “real.” Now that the semester is over, it finally does!

A shot in Munich’s City Center

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confessions of a seminarian

I have two confessions to make.

1. I’m drowning.

For anyone who has seen me in the past month (or for my mom who has heard enough about it), this one won’t be a surprise… something about the messy hair (not the cute “I’m trying to look like I don’t care” kind, but the “I really don’t care” kind), the deer-in-the-headlights eyes, or my showing up late everywhere I go habit has probably cued you in. It’s the school load, and I know I’m not the only one. They always say that “2nd year is the hardest,” and I’m finding that 2nd semester of 2nd year is really the hardest. I love most of my classes, but now that we are about a month in, the work load is like a flood. Continuous. Unrelenting. Suffocating. And I’m drowning in it. All the New Testament-exegeting, Reformation-studying, sermon-writing, pastorally-caring, German-speaking, and contextual-educationing amounts to 18 credit hours and one stressed-out woman.

This brings me to my second confession, which is a harder one to make.

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surprising myself

So, this is maybe more personally reflective than I normally get on my blog… Click “back” now if you’re not up for rambling.

I’ve had two instances recently in which I was asked about my future (not the distant future, but the future that is nearer than I realize). On reflection, I’m surprised with how different my responses were. Maybe in the process of writing this blog, I will gain some insight regarding “what in the world” I am doing with my life.

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