This summer at kids camp, I led a kids-friendly version of batik-making in crafts. I came home and decided to turn the kid craft into an adult art project. Since I will have a blank canvas in a little dormitory-style room in Germany, I decided to make something pack-able to personalize my space. This is an easy project, but time consuming!

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a new art form

Actually, its an age-old art form… Something many of us did in preschool… leaf printing! In fresh form. I gathered leaves from my yard, painted the backs of the leaves, and then printed them on the front sides of cardboard rectangles cut out of cereal boxes that I painted over. I coated them in mod podge. Then, I sent them as postcards. I did this several weeks ago, but wanted to wait to show them on my blog until the recipients of the postcards received them.

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making the most

Well, I only have 10 days left of summer holiday, and I’m making the most out of those 10 days by doing things I won’t get to do when school begins. So, I’m working lots of hours in the office, watching movies (Bye Bye Birdie is on now), organizing the drawers in my kitchen, running errands, still going to yoga, taking lots of neighborhood strolls, spending time with friends that doesn’t involve studying, and doing some decorating projects in the house. I’m also planning to read one more “just for fun” book in the next week. It will likely be the last time I read a book not assigned to me on a syllabus, so I’ve got to choose wisely!
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"a thing of beauty is a joy forever"

Who said decorating has to be expensive? The wall above my desk was bare, and I decided to fill it with something. I finally got it all up today! Read to the end to find out how much I spent…

Here is the end result followed by some closer shots:

Confession: I cleaned lots of books off my desk before I took this picture.

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painting or procrastinating?

I spent my Sunday afternoon doing (what else?) arts and crafts projects.

Project A: I had some wallet sized photos of doors from my trip to Europe that were left over from a previous project.

I decided to put them to good use and spent the entire afternoon mod-podging and painting on blank notecards. I spent some time looking for quotes to put on the front, but didn’t find any that suited my fancy… it is good to have blank all-purpose notecards anyway. I made two sets, and I think they turned out nicely.