freiburg, colmar, strasbourg & tübingen

On our most recent quest to see more of Germany, we got really ambitious and went to France! Ha. Actually, we rented a car and went westward for 3 days, making a little round trip through Baden-Württemberg (the state next door to Bavaria) and crossing over into the Alsace region of France to see a couple of towns there as well.

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bamberg & erlangen

This post is a bit late in going up on the blog – but the semester ended today – so onward with blogging!
The last weekend in January, I traveled up to Bamberg and Erlangen, two really beautiful towns. They both lie in the state of Bavaria, but in a region north from Munich called Franconia. They speak a different dialect there than they do “down here” in Bavaria-proper, and a fun part of traveling around Germany is listening to the accents and dialects of the various regions.

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People asked me a lot before I came to Germany where all I wanted to travel – kind of with the assumption that this year would be like one big Euro Trip. But as great as it is to live in Europe and to have access to discount airlines and so many other countries – I really wanted to spend time this year seeing a lot of Germany. Since I’ve been here though, I haven’t taken many opportunities to travel outside of Munich. I have been to the Alps, to Frankfurt for a meeting (though I didn’t see the city), and to Fürth and Nuremberg for a couple of days.

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