frequently asked questions

I get asked the following questions a lot lately…

Q: How did Julius get to come for such a long visit?

A: Julius is studying to be a secondary school (Gymnasium) teacher. He has two subjects – math and religion. At the end of about 6 years of theoretical training, he has comprehensive exams that cover all he’s learned in both of these subjects. The exams last all spring, and in the past winter semester, he has been preparing for them. So, he’s been able to study here in Atlanta while with me. Hopefully, if all goes well with these ridiculously hard exams…

Q: What are your plans for after you get married?

A: After we get married in August, we’ll be in Germany. Julius will start his Referendariat, which is 2 years of supervised teaching. This is way more involved than the semester of student teaching done in the US, but the closest equivalent. At the end of those two years, he’ll have to take another round of ridiculously hard practical exams. Only then will he be a certified teacher in Germany.

I will hope to work. Becoming an immigrant is a whole other post… But after I’m permitted to work, I want to do just about anything in my field, whether in academia or the church. Grieving the loss of opportunities I thought I’d have after graduation is also a whole other post… Suffice it to say, I’m trying to be realistic, knowing it may take some time to find opportunities. I am excited, though, about continuing to discern my vocation in a foreign context.

After the Referendariat, we’d be up to making another move, but we aren’t that far in the planning process yet. We’re just hoping to get through the next 8 months – being married and settled (legally, together) in one country!

Q: What are your wedding plans?
A: As mentioned, we are planning to get married in August. There is a LOT of legal stuff to wade through, which is another post I’ll have to write when we’re, hopefully (please, God!) on the other side of it all. (My list of blog posts to write is racking up!) Our wedding will be in Atlanta. Some of Julius’s family will get to travel over from Germany, and Atlanta is a direct flight from Munich and Berlin. We see the wedding as a chance for our family and closest friends a) to meet each other for the first time, and b) to join together in celebration… something that we know won’t happen all too often over our lifetime together.
It will be a bilingual/bicultural affair! Wedding traditions in our two countries are not the same, so we’re chucking some traditions and making some of our own… Add that to the list of posts. I’m hoping for much laughter and effort given from both sides to understand and love one another. (Idealistic? Perhaps.) We will also have a party on the other side of the pond in September for the Germans who couldn’t make the trip to the USA.
May we keep our sanity and sense of humor through it all!

1 thought on “frequently asked questions

  1. Congrats my beautiful friend! You deserve all the love and happiness in the world. Best of luck with all the crazy wedding and life planning ahead. Ah! I'm so excited for you! 🙂


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