surprising myself

So, this is maybe more personally reflective than I normally get on my blog… Click “back” now if you’re not up for rambling.

I’ve had two instances recently in which I was asked about my future (not the distant future, but the future that is nearer than I realize). On reflection, I’m surprised with how different my responses were. Maybe in the process of writing this blog, I will gain some insight regarding “what in the world” I am doing with my life.

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quinoa stuffed red peppers and homemade peach salsa

Need I say more?

Sadly, I don’t have pictures…

Click here for the red peppers recipe.

This is a great web site! I knew that we had some quinoa in the pantry that I wanted to use, so by searching “quinoa,” this was the first option. Quinoa is packed with nutrients, filling, and healthy… A “super food,” if you will.

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recipes are back! asparagus and zucchini quiches

Last week, my roommate and I each bought a carton of eggs on the same day by accident, so we have been eating a lot of eggs lately. Then, she acquired 2 more cartons from an event where they had leftovers from an egg toss. So… we needed to make use of all the eggs! I think this is the most fun way to cook – just start with what you have.

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