summer semester wrap-up

I will probably say this time and again, but I am finding it so hard to believe that my time here is coming to a close!

The summer semester (April-July) flew by, and I meant to, but somehow never did post about what I studied in Munich this semester. I took:

  • German Intensive Course
  • “Genesis” – Lecture
  • “Theories of Religious Development” – Lecture and Tutorium
  • “Thinking Mysticism” – Religious Studies Seminar
  • “Ethiopia in Christian Perspectives” – Church History and New Testament Seminar

I read mystical texts from ancient Hindu and Buddhist philosophers and 15th C Christianity. I learned about an ancient Orthodox tradition that still exists today in Ethiopia. I revisited familiar theories and learned new ones that shed light on human processes of growth. I sharpened my German skills. I pretended to know Hebrew. It has been quite a semester!

A photo of me in the entrance hall at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität,
which was under construction until April of this year.
Now we can finally see it in all its beauty!

This week is the last week of classes and exam week. I took one exam today and have one more tomorrow.

After that, I have three weeks left in Germany to enjoy, travel a bit more, and prepare for the return. (I definitely won’t be able to fit my belongings into the two suitcases I brought with me…) So, there’s time enough to figure that all out.

2 thoughts on “summer semester wrap-up

  1. Good luck wrapping up your semester. I know it will be tough to leave after such an amazing adventure. Have a great last few weeks. Call me when you get home. I'm excited to have you back in town, even for just a little while!


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